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Maynard is frustrating to watch. He's evolved into yet another grappler who had some success on their feet and mistook it for proof that they were dangerous striker. He hits hard but his boxing technique adequate at best.

If Maynard goes in to muscle Pearson around and put him on his back he could well take this. If he goes out to sit in the pocket and trade I think he'll get the worst of it (although Pearson's love of the inside slip could potentially duck him into an uppercut and Maynard does have some nasty power.)
Totally agreed. Especially after he trained with Nova Unoa (sp?) I thought he would come out with better striking. I was really hoping to see him employ more knees in particular as being able to threaten with a dangerous clinch in addition to takedowns would make him a scary dude when he closes the distance.

But, instead, he looked the same as always and got knocked out twice. Bummer..