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Thread: Gina Carano Meeting With UFC Next Week, Wants To Fight Rousey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rise View Post
    Does Gina even really have a legacy ?
    Yes she does she is the pioneer for WMMA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCold48 View Post
    Yes she does she is the pioneer for WMMA.
    Women were fighting in MMA Gina years before Gina was... calling her a pioneer is a stretch. She may have helped popularize women's MMA but she didn't start it.

    To clarify though I speaking from an career in MMA perspective. At 7-1 while a good record isn't something I'd consider a legacy that to me sounds more like the start of a good career or someone that left the sport to early.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    She is not stupid.
    She realized that UFC is the stupid one to gift her a title shot. A title shot that probably she would not earn fighting other females.

    She knows that she has nothing to lose and a lot to win.
    If she wins (hahaha good joke), she will make tons of money, she will become UFC champion, she would be the one who defeated the "invincible" Ronda Rousey and everything will be awesome for her.

    If she loses, she will make tons of money anyway, and nothing bad will happen. Everybody expects her to lose anyway.

    She does not give a fuck about MMA. She just see that she has a great opportunity and obviously she will take it.
    Quote Originally Posted by disposableassassin View Post
    Yeah. She will main event a HUGE PPV. She will get a cut of the PPV sales. She will make tons of sponsorship money. She will probably get a flat rate of 250k to fight Ronda. Yeah I think it's a win\win for her.
    Well I guess I was talking about the competitive and sporting aspect, more than just being paid.. Yeah, I dont know too many people who watch this sport just to see fighters go in there just looking to get paid not giving a shit if they win or lose and just want their check. Most athletes actually try to test themselves and want to be at their best before taking on a Champion..

    Kind of a disgrace if you ask me but its whatever, sure go get paid and beat the fuck out of babygirl, dont challenge yourself by taking a tune-up fight and sharpening your skills before hand and making sure you are ready.
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    Gina helped to put WMMA on the map. She's paid her dues. She's absurdly hot. But she has no business in a championship fight in 2014. None.

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    Gina was the 1st WMMA fight I'd seen (EliteXC Destiny) and was a big fan ever since.

    Dam she's 32 now ... fuk I feel old......

    Awesome card BTW and Frank got screwed
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    Gina will not make it out of the first round.

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