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Thread: Sting In WWE 2K15

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    Default Sting In WWE 2K15

    Do you guys think this will lead to a TV appearance / match from Sting?

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    didnt sting sign with the WWE around WM this year?


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    He's been in talks with WWE for months.. He supposedly signed a Legends deal, but that's not confirmed. His deal for WWE 2K15 is directly with Take Two, not WWE.

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    I am pretty signed Sting has been rumoured for wrestlemania the last five years.
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    He's there so Vince can milk the old merchandise cow and I bet little else. If they ever really wanted him, they'd have made a harder play than they have over the years, but Sting was content to sit back and bilk the money mark.

    IMO, Sting is good for one or two big pops on big shows, but he's devalued himself through overexposure on TNA but at the same time, overpriced himself out of the WWE for years. I'm really not a fan of his, he never did the WWE schedule and had a breeze during the Turner days work-wise, making bank and drawing very little(outside of with Flair) and when the time for the Hogan payoff in late 97, he was totally out of shape for the "biggest match of his career".

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