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Thread: Weidman won't entertain Johny Hendricks super fight, Jon Jones on the other hand...

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    Default Weidman won't entertain Johny Hendricks super fight, Jon Jones on the other hand...

    Weidman won't entertain Johny Hendricks super fight, Jon Jones on the other hand...
    His words on The MMA Hour:

    "If I was at the top and he's (Jones) at the top, then that's the guy I'd want to fight, but who knows where we will be at that point. I think he'll be at the top for a while and I think I will too, so, you know. But if I had to say right now, then yeah that's the fight I want. I want to fight the best guys in the world. It's not like I'm calling out Jon Jones, but I want the toughest competition and I'd want to fight the people that other people think I can't beat. So he'd definitely be an awesome test for me, so who knows. I don't even think that I'd entertain that (Johny Hendricks fight). Not that he's not good or anything like that, but it just doesn't make any sense to talk about it now. Hendricks hasn't defended his belt yet, and I have more people to fight in my weight class. Nothing to talk about right now. On top of that, I would never call out a guy who's smaller than me. I'm a lot bigger than him, I think. I know he walks around heavy, but I'd feel like I'd have a huge advantage in that fight, so I'm not calling him out. Jon Jones is different. He's taller than me, he's bigger than me, so that's a different story. That would be more of a test for me than Johny Hendricks."
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    Once again, Weidman showing true championship form.

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    A UFC champion wanting to fight the best competition instead of choosing their opponenets?! Hopefully Weidman is starting a trend.

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    Chris Weidman is soaring up the rankings in the Donosaur's favorite fighter division. He is now rivaling Dan Henderson, and Frankie Edgar.

    Current Rankings are as follows: 1) Hendo 2) Weidman (tie) 2) Edgar (tie) 4) Mendes 5) Tim Kennedy 6) Matt Brown 7) Bader 8) Hendricks 9) Dillashaw 10) DC Honorable Mentions to the retired Sonnen and Couture

    Seriously, Weidman is the man. Every champ should be like him. It's a shame that politics lead to longer reigns.
    NWO 4 Lyfe!!!

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    Wait! What? A champion that doesn't believe calling out a smaller fighter would be a super fight...what's the world coming to? I agree with everyone so far. His statement was thoughtful and exactly what you'd like to hear from a champion. I haven't been a big CW fan but that's changing rapidly. CW's a really big guy, I don't think GSP in his prime would have offered much resistance. I think GSP would say the same. I'd be interested to see how he works around Jones' length.

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    Yeah, wow, he doesn't want to call out a smaller fighter even though he's a champion? Well whaddya' know!? Weidman is the man.

    Long reign Weidman.

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    Weidman is a stud.

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    I'd actually really like to see that fight. Weidman vs Jones would be better than Chael vs Jones for damn sure. Chris could easily beef up to 205, as I promise you he walks around at atleast 210 probably.

    I dont think we should start speculating on super fights yet tho, he still has a few contenders left to knock off the map.

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    It would take a while before this would be the right option. I think Vitor and Jacare definitely need their chance. I do like what Weidman is saying.

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    I want to see him face Jacare and Rockhold, minimally. I'm still not sold on Vitor deserving a title shot, but I'm not 100% against it.

    I'm glad he's not looking for a diva fight against Hendricks...but it's not like there would be any real money in that, regardless. I've been a huge critic of Anderson for wasting so much effort on trying to make a Georges fight happen, but Hendricks isn't on Georges level, not in terms of skill or drawing power.

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