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Thread: Main Page vs Forum Log-in

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    Default Main Page vs Forum Log-in

    This has always been an annoyance that I've had with this site. When reading articles on the main page, I have to log-in differently to post a comment, than I do with the Forum. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Having a different log-in to comment on articles on the main page, and also separately log-in to the forums, is not an inviting experience.

    Is there anyway we could get the main page and forum log-in linked together? Where we only have to log in once, and we are acknowledged throughout the entire site? I know it's physically/technically possibly based on experience from other forums I frequent.

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    I like this idea Spoon, but Lordy I am not sure anyone should attempt such a thing due to recent developments with the forum!

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    Personally I think the main page should be linking to the forums if you want to discuss things. By having people comment on the main page and in the forums separately discussions are getting split and everyone loses out that way.

    No reason they can't link to specific discussion threads especially when posting site generated news stories

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    Not as easy to do as you make it sound.

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