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Thread: Sting Desires Match with The Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania 31

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    I dont care to see this match honestly. I dont think Sting could carry Taker and Im not sure Taker could do enough on his own at this point. It would certainly be a "moment" but the match itself would be terrible.
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    I personally do not want to see Undertaker wrestle again.
    With all the injuries, he is really slow and out of shape. I do not want him to become the next Ric Flair.

    Undertaker has had an astonishing career, and there is no point in wrestling again.
    The match against Sting would have been awesome even 5 years ago, but not now anymore.
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    One of my favorite memories as a child was seeing Sting wrestle the Great Muta. It was in St. Louis, and I believe it was 1989 and the Great American bash. I made a sign that said fly away freebirds. Awesome time and one of my absolute happiest childhood memories.

    I don't watch wrestling anymore, but I would watch sting vs taker. Amazing that they have been around for so long. A lady at school that I worked with was a teachers aide in Georgia and she said Sting's kid went to the school she worked at. Said he was very nice when he was around and all the lady's fawned over him.

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    I had the opportunity to see Sting when he was still tag teaming with Ultimate Warrior, this is when I was a kid. I have loved Sting since that time and will always think of him as one of the all time greats, in my top 10.
    Taker is by far my favorite wrestler of all time and it killed my spirit when they let Brock fucking Lesnar end the streak. I know Taker agreed to it but god damn it broke my heart. I wanted it to go to someone who was honestly going to advance, I don't know like Bray Wyatt or CM Punk if he was going to stick around.
    The only other person I would want to see the streak end to, besides a guy who really needs that huge push, is Sting. I could deal with seeing Sting ending the streak.

    With that all being said if Taker takes his time and heals up this year and Sting and Taker work on the match at the end of the year till WrestleMania, I would love to see it. I do not want to see it if Taker cannot go, like this year. If he can put on the quality of match he did vs HHH and Shawn Michaels years ago then I would be all for it.

    I want to see Sting in a WWE ring against guys like Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. If only for a brief period it would be nice.

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