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Thread: Conor McGregor: 'I will be champion by end of year'

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    Default Conor McGregor: 'I will be champion by end of year'

    Conor McGregor has become one of the UFC's biggest international stars, in short order. On Saturday, just two fights into his UFC career, McGregor will headline a card in his home town of Dublin.
    Despite his rapid rise, the 26 year-old featherweight doesn't feel as if the trip is surreal or unexpected. "It doesnít seem surreal. I believed it in when others would not," he recently told MMA Fighting.
    "I had that clear, clear vision..I seem to have the habit of predicting the future. I have these visions and they seem to come true. Iím never going to doubt them and no one else should, either."
    McGregor's audacious visions of grandeur include becoming a world champion as well. In fact, the brash Irishman doesn't just believe that he'll one day become a champ - he's sure that he'll be the 145 pound title-holder by the end of this year.
    "I have a clear, clear vision that that gold belt is around my waist by the end of the year," he said.
    "By the end of 2014. And, I donít know why but itís clear as day that that belt is wrapped around my waist.
    "Iím coming for all of it. Iím coming for the gold. Iím taking over the game. You just sit back and relax and watch me take over the game."

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    Conor McGregor’s dad reflects on son’s rise, says you ‘can’t put a lid on talent’
    "I remember the moment I knew he wasn't going to be a plumber," Tony McGregor told's Petesy Carroll. "It was a Monday morning, I went in to wake him up and I just remember him peering out from under his blanket and saying, ‘look, this isn't for me'.

    "I knew I wasn't going to get him to go back to the building site then and I just figured there was no point in fighting it. I just closed the door behind me and left him to his own devices. Little did I know he was probably thinking about his career in the UFC. He didn't tell us originally that he was training MMA, he kind of kept that away from us. I knew nothing about the UFC at the time, I knew nothing about the career that he could possibly get out of it."

    It wasn't long before Tony realized that fighting was an innate talent that his son possessed.

    "Fighting is his talent, you can't put a lid on talent. Even if you try to stop it, it will always bubble to the surface."

    In terms of his upcoming main event against Diego Brandao, McGregor Sr. believes his son is going to rise to the occasion and end the contest in any way he pleases.

    "He could get into that ring with whatever he wants, Conor's still going to send him packing. Conor's not afraid of him and I'm not afraid of him. I asked Conor and he said that he's going to do him in the first round. Whatever he's said so far has come through, so I believe him."

    Conor McGregor's day out in Dublin
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    To the blind person, Edgar, Swanson, Mendes, Poirer, hell even Dennis Bermudez are ALL ahead of McGregor for a shot at the title.

    But it wouldn't surprise me if he joins the mix if he beats Brandao.

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    I love his unflinching overconfidence. But I think once he gets in there with the likes of someone like Swanson or Mendes he'll definitely be in for a fight.
    I can see him doing well against people like Stephens, Poirier, & Bermudez. But once he gets to the wrestlers like Edgar & Mendes he might be in for a surprise.
    Sorry Fedor, but Dan Henderson is the G.O.A.T.

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    Who the fuck is this guy, and why should I give a rat's ass about him? Because he dresses outlandishly? Because he has an accent?

    Prove yourself in the cage, and then I'll pay attention. For now, he's just a talker. He's got an awfully tall hill to climb, and he may very well be in for a rude awakening.

    It will be hard to achieve the goal of winning the belt in the time-frame he says if you aren't even granted a title shot!
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    i havent been able to climb aboard the mcgregor hype train just yet. I like the confidence and shit talking but in terms of skill he just hasnt shown enough for me to believe hes a real threat to the top tier

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    Most verbally confidant guy ever in the Ooohfc in terms of confidence to credentials ratio! He genuinely believes in his heart that he could just walk over Mendes, Swanson and Aldo! Unbelievable.......or just maybe........(pulls Dr.Evil face)....... be...liev...a...ble?

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    Wouldn't you need to fight someone of merit (top 5, 10 at least) before you are even in the running for a title fight. It is July and he fights Saturday, who in the hell is he going to fight in the next month or two, mind you he has to be absolutely injury free, and then he would have t hope the champ is ready by December.

    Yeah, I just do not see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m1ckeykn0x View Post
    If he beat Edgar, I'd be by his side til the end.
    That would be one cold day in Hell.

    I'm not particularly a fan of either fighter, hoping for a good scrap and for someone to 'realign' Conor's ambitions in his next fight.

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    Has there ever been a European UFC champ?
    Jones Era >> Machida Era
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPeezy View Post
    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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