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Thread: UFC 179: Conor McGregor (and his Lucky Charms) invited to watch Chad Mendes be excell

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    Default UFC 179: Conor McGregor (and his Lucky Charms) invited to watch Chad Mendes be excell

    Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight phenomenon Conor McGregor was asked to give his thoughts on top division contender Chad Mendes, who fights Jose Aldo at UFC 179 on Oct. 25 in Brazil for "Junior's" championship title.

    "Notorious" told the media he's not impressed by the "small bodybuilder stuck in the 145-pound division" because "he gets tired quick."

    While there is no denying Mendes is jacked, he's also been winning fights. Five in a row, to be exact, with four finishes by way of knockout/technical knockout. That's probably why "Money" (via MMA Fighting) offered McGregor a chance to "witness excellence" from the third row:

    "Conor can get on a plane to Brazil, go to his 3rd row seat, grab a bowl of lucky charms and witness excellence."
    McGregor is expected to be in attendance ... but will he fight the winner?

    The flamboyant Irishman is fresh off a first-round finish of Dustin Poirier at last weekend's (Sept. 27) UFC 178 pay-per-view (PPV) event in Las Vegas, Nevada (highlights), in what was his fourth win in as many tries since joining the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in early 2013. We know how good he is on his feet ... but how about off his back?

    Fighting Mendes would be a good way to find out.

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    Connor has to fight a top 5 guy before he gets a title shot, but I would watch him fight Mendez after Aldo beats him again
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