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Thread: Conor McGregor: 'I will be champion by end of year'

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    I rode a horse. Banged in a hot spring.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan the man 67 View Post
    Who the fuck is this guy, and why should I give a rat's ass about him? Because he dresses outlandishly? Because he has an accent?

    Prove yourself in the cage, and then I'll pay attention. For now, he's just a talker. He's got an awfully tall hill to climb, and he may very well be in for a rude awakening.

    It will be hard to achieve the goal of winning the belt in the time-frame he says if you aren't even granted a title shot!
    Ok, I am eating my words now. Connor has got my attention.

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    How does that crow taste :P J/k but in all seriousness this kid is exciting as fuck
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    As long as he wants to fight legit guys and leave the cans to Campbell's i will watch this kid fight.

    Welcome to Sunnyvale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheIcon View Post
    Im curious to see what happens if the Conor train gets derailed. At the moment the UFC is putting alot of eggs in one basket with him. Quit a bit of hype for a guy that has 3 fights.
    Not really. Its easy to hype up a fighter. The UFC is fortunate to have so many fighters they could hype up. Connor is just Dana's favorite toy right now, because he has to potential to open up the European market 10x more than Bisping ever did.

    I am a fan of Connor, but I dont think he will hold the title anytime soon. I need to see him face a strong wrestler before I fully hop on the hypetrain. He had a good fight with Dustin, I hope he continues to improve.
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    Another intelligent contribution by CTGreat.

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    What I find most humorous is that Conor blatantly and repeatedly told everyone why beating Poirier wasn't a huge accomplishment. In every single interview I saw, he said he puts his head down and he gets rocked or dropped very easily.
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