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Thread: Tyrone Spong Crashes Dublin Press Conference, Asks Dana White For UFC Contract

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    Default Tyrone Spong Crashes Dublin Press Conference, Asks Dana White For UFC Contract

    Tyrone Spong Crashes Dublin Press Conference, Asks Dana White For UFC Contract
    Kickboxing sensation and part-time mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Tyrone Spong (via Esther Lin) crashed the UFC Fight Night 46 post-fight press conference (watch it) last Saturday (July 19, 2014) asking UFC President Dana White to give him a contract for one fight, just so he can compete in Dublin, Ireland, a sentiment shared by a lot of fighters after hearing the live crowd blow the roof off the O2 Arena (full results here). Unfortunately, Spong is under contract to World Series of Fighting (WSOF), competes for GLORY, and still has an injured leg.
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    Spong is a helluva impact player but I wonder if he maybe wants to hold off while Rumble and Rashad make their 205 runs and get a little more seasoning with WSOF, since they're all coming from the same camp.

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    If the UFC has signed 0-0 and 1-0 fighters, why they would not sign a 2-0 fighter?
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    Has the UFC ever signed anyone to a 'one-fight' contract, not to mention the fighter specifying where that fight will occur? I know James Toney had just the one fight, but if he had beat Couture I'm sure they'd have kept him around. Guys have been cut after one fight I think, but to have a contract for one fight and be able to walk away to another org just isn't gonna happen in the UFC.
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    He should definitely stay in WSOF to get some more MMA fights under his belt, especially against some wrestlers.
    I think he's a total pimp & would love for people to get exposed to him, but I don't want to see him come into the UFC and end up looking like Hector Lombard did at first.
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