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Thread: BattleGround PPV

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    I get why they put it on the Miz....but for a split second, I thought Ziggler had it.
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    I was thinking to come here and make a thread for this show but it completely slipped my mind, wish I would have realised you had made one and been here during the show

    Overall it was a good PPV. I think my perception of their shows would be more positive if the bouts were in reverse order, no matter how good a PPV is I still go to bed full of disappointment every time Cena wins in his usual 'against all odds' cheesy way.

    I thought the way Miz won was BS also as it because so obvious how the match would finish the longer it went on and I have no desire to see The Miz on my TV every week.

    When Ambrose got kicked out I expected him to come back at the end of the show to stop Rollins from cashing in so it was cool they went a different direction with that. 'Crazy' Ambrose is one of the most entertaining people on the roster and when they finally face off at Summerslam it should be great.

    Y2J beating Bray was a surprise, I fully expect Bray to get the win back at Summerslam.

    The Divas match was good but it had a weird vibe to it. There was a lot of downtime between spots and the commentators should have done a better job of telling the story of the match to explain why that was.

    The Usos/Wyatts was probably the best match on the card. These two teams have put on a few good matches together and this was another one.

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    I'll say one thing, they can bury and bury and no-sell and no-sell how over Dolph Ziggler is, but regardless of how little they give him, he gets one of the top three loudest babyface pops night in and night out and it isn't just smarks who've got on board, he's over like a motherfucker across the board and the fans seems to "get" that he's really great whether he wins or loses and despite the lack of a push, they still love him.

    Most guys who get booked like Dolph eventually die off and the fans abandon them because they get the message WWE is sending that the guy isn't going to get pushed or be anything special, but they've stuck with Dolph through a lot of shit.

    Not too sure Cesaro will be able to maintain now that they've severed him from Paul E., if they book him poorly, he'll drop off regardless of talent.

    Especially given the way they've booked Bryan, despite being crazy hot going into Mania(much to WWE's dismay), looking beyond into that horrible Kane angle and the Bo "pre show" positioning, I wouldn't be shocked if he's greeted with a luke-warm response upon his return after the initial "comeback" pop. They've just made Bryan look so lame and weak and rather than highlighting his pros(stunning wrestler, underdog, tough as hell), they've been emphasizing his cons(you'd never hear Hogan or Austin called BALD for example or HHH referred to as looking like a caveman with that fucking forehead/nose combo), which to me, is a way of WWE saying, "we don't care if this guy gets over and we aren't going to help him".

    Scary thing about Ziggler, is that given all the bumps he's taken over the last five years, I don't see him lasting as long as most of his peers and eventually, he'll fill up his bump card and blow his back out like Hennig did.

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