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Thread: Silva vs Diaz Jan 31st

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    I wonder what the over/under is on how many times Diaz gives Silva the Stockton Hey Buddy
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    I have conflicting emotions about this fight being made.

    On one hand, it's a fight between two big name fighters that will have been inactive for so long that their fans will certainly want to see them back. It's a big main event for them to put on that will hopefully shine some light on the fights that happen under this main event.

    On the other hand it's a fight that, unless it's an absolute war, can potentially hurt the stock of the losing fighter. It may not hurt Anderson as much as Diaz, but I still think someone takes a hit. These two could headline two PPV cards against different fighters (Diaz vs. Brown/Rory/a healthy Condit rematch and Anderson vs. Rockhold/Bisping/Kennedy). These options would give them two events with hopefully larger than average buy rates, which would bring in more money. Another con is that it's a middleweight vs. a welterweight.

    Nonsensical ramblings aside, I think I still want to see it. But I'm not so sure about it now that the fight is a reality.
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    A loss to Diaz would certainly hurt Anderson but I dont see a loss hurting Diaz much here. He is moving up weight and fighting a guy that not to long ago was said to be the best fighter in the world. Anderson however is another story. If he losses then people will undoubtedly say he should hang it up and that he has "lost it"

    As far as the match up goes I think Nick has more of a chance then most are giving him credit for. Diaz is constantly pressuring opponents and like we saw in the Weidman fight, Silva doesnt really like that to much unless you are Forrest Griffin. Nick has crisp boxing and shouldnt be afraid to exchange.

    Dont get me wrong though I both think and for the first time hope Silva takes this one in a pretty impressive fashion and it will immediately lead to Silva vs Weidman 3
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    Meh, whatever. One of them will dance and the other one will taunt and say things like "mutherfucka wut." Silva destroys Nick in the 1st.
    Everybody else is stoked for the fight and you come off sounding like you need a tissue.

    I hope this isn't too big, because it's awesome.

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    Silva ain't no hitter. He needs to train that boxing homey. Stockton209muthafuckawut
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    Whatever floats your boat man...

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    Diaz goes to sleep the first time Silva connects cleanly. The real question is do we see a 3rd consecutive temper tantrum retirement from Diaz?

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    silva by nc diaz test positive for marijuana

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    Not really interested in this fight. Its just a squash match for Silva imo. The taunting will probably be more competitive than the actual fight.

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    Fuck yes. What a fun fight. I sure hope it makes it to Jan 31.

    I bet both guys are getting paid large for this fight.
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    Even if it is a squash I will find it entertaining to see Silva destroying someone. I like Nick but a loss to arguably the GOAT does nothing to hurt his own legacy whereas a loss for Anderson would pretty much be career ending at this point.

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