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Thread: If someone missed the last 6 months of UFC

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    Default If someone missed the last 6 months of UFC

    Long time member. I had a really bad injury that kept me away from keyboards, TV's and mma in general for quite a while. Quite the update this site has undertaken while I was gone.

    UFC now has its own website with content. For someone who hasn't seen anything for say, 6 months or longer, what would you recommend that person watch first, second and third?
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    welcome back! Glad to see you around and sorry to hear about your injury, wish you a speedy recovery my friend and the best of wishes!
    definitely include UFC 175: Weidman vs Machida somewhere in your lineup to watch as well as Dillashaw vs Barao for sure.
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    Only watch the main event of UFC 175, Machida Weidman was good but the rest of the card was pretty poor.

    There has been some great fights this year but if you could choose a 6 month period to miss you picked a relatively uneventful one that fell between between Silva-Weidman 2 and Jones-DC. Hope the recovery is going well.

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    any card with Donald Cerrone, or in Brazil, will be a good card. Plus Matt Brown vs Eric Sliva

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    Glad you're doing better! Quick list (more of a focus on stories of 2014, not the most exciting fights):

    Johnson / Davis - if you haven't been following MMA or MMA outside the UFC for a while, you'll be shocked
    Overeem / Mir - Decent fight, not great. But you'll see the "new" Overeem and know what to expect in the future
    Cerrone / Miller - Great fight. Sad for us Miller fans. Another eye opener
    Weidman / Machida - Just watch it.
    Dillishaw / Barao - I watched the entire fight with my hands on my head
    Hendricks / Lawler - Great stuff
    Rousey / McMann - Coming out party for her striking

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    Hmmm, did you catch Bigfoot/Hunt? If not, that's certainly a good one.

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    If you are looking for one of the most exciting fights of the year, definitely look up Matt Brown vs Erick Silva. It is the most entertaining fight I remember watching this year.

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    If you're looking for something to watch while you're sitting at a red light, Rousey/Davis is a good choice.
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    If you want to watch something while at a yield sign watch Rumble Johnson vs. lil Nog.

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    Weidman/Silva 2 was a little over 6 months but I'd definitely recommend watching that if you haven't. There have been a lot of shitty cards this year particularly the ppvs. I'd only recommend watching UFC 175 and maybe 172. What in opinion was the most exciting card of the year was UFC Fight Night 45 on July 16th Cerrone vs Miller all the main card fights were phenomenal.

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