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It's that time again! The Fourth of July event is past and the New Years show yet to come, leaving us with nineteen events happening between the time of this writing, and February first. It would seem the MMA world would be focusing on the next event and abuzz over the exciting fight on August 16 in Bangor, Maine for Bader vs. St. Preux. However, MMA fans have done what we do best. Like fat tourists looking past the buffet for the desert cart, on our first trip up, we have our sights set on the horizons.

You would think, by the talk online, that there are only two events happening at all. September 27th's UFC 178: Jones vs. Cormier, and January 31st with UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz. While they both stand as big paydays for Danaholic White, the latter fight could be summed up rather quickly. To understand what Anderson Silva versus Nick Diaz will look like, close your eyes and picture someone dancing around a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. Featuring two fighters with impressive in-ring conveyance stat sheets (only Joe Rogan talks during their fights more than they do. Seriously, if Nate Diaz corners Nick, there could be so much annoying vocalizations you would think there was some crazy woman screaming in the seats during a boring main event.) The MMA world will debate the possibilities of this fight, but the dominating topic will be whether the fight actually occurs.

Meanwhile UFC 178 is approaching fast, and the conversation is burning hot and fast. Like Jon Jones' beard, we are all wondering when it will stop growing in size, and whether or not birds live inside the hobo-bib 'Bones' is sporting.

Jon Jones has dominated the Light Heavyweight division as the champ for over three years. During those three years, he has gained and lost fans for various reasons. Those who don't follow his life, interviews or Twitter tend to remain big fans. No one, however, can deny the man has the talent to stay on top. Alexander Gustafsson was supposed to be the big test to the title, and took Jones closer to defeat than even Jones' actions outside the cage could. Car crashes and broken toes aside, Jones has seemed rather unstoppable.

Enter into the equation, Daniel 'Magic Mike' Cormier.
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The only fighter seemingly to have the ability to take on Heavyweight king, Cain Velasquez, however Cormier has stated he would never fight Cain. The two formed deep bonds during their tenure on 'Dancing with the Stars', and swore they would never compete again after being denied the chance to be dancing partners.

Aside from an impressive wrestling ability and an uncanny Matthew McConaughey impression, Cormier seems to be on the path to unseat the champion, and possibly sending Jones into the Heavyweight division (where we all look forward to a stagnant division waking up), provided Daddy Dana doesn't see a pay day in a rematch. The one thing a UFC champ doesn't have to worry too much about, is not getting a re-match when you lose the belt, provided you make it past the first round (Sorry Bendo).

Personal feud aside, this matchup at LHW should prove to not only be an exciting and challenging fight for both; but it should show us once and for all the capabilities of both fighters. Together, the two have taken on the top of their divisions, and made the very elite look like fighters just starting out. Several questions will be answered after the fight, about each combatant.

Can Jon Jones control the distance? Can Cormier take Bones down? Can Cormier get close to Jones without taking too much damage? Can Jones get up if DC gets him down? Can Cormier take Jones into the fourth and fifth rounds to test Jones cardio? Will a Popeye's Chicken logo be on DC's shorts?

Jones and Cormier have traded shots back and forth online, like old roommates, pending the question, who wouldn't just put the damn seat down. Talking about each others women and dieting habits (Cormier IS having a pizza delivered to Vegas from Boston, must be a damn good pie) is one thing, but their words and actions have proven polarizing. Both have split the MMA community over what should happen to either fighter, win or lose.

Is a re-match in order? Will Alexander Gustafsson get the winner? Does Jones stay at LHW or move to HW? Does Daniel stay with his dancing career? Should Jon Jones stay away from Twitter? How long before The Walking Dead kills off Carl?

All (or most) of these questions will be answered on September 27th. In the meantime all we can do is hope both make it to the cage in good health, the fight is a good fight, and Ted Nugent will finally understand why most of us don't like him.

Also an over shadowed Irish guy is fighting the same night.