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Thread: Fedor: If I was in my prime, I'd want to fight Cain

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    Both in there prime I'd have to lean one way as the sport technic's have advanced by leaps and bounds. With that Fedor would have a handicap on paper against Cain

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    MMA needs more fighters like Fedor or GSP.

    Such amazing athletes that are also very intelligent and respectful people.

    Now we have Rousey or Jones, who clean out their division but act like little brats.
    Or we have the Brazilians, that all the time talk about respect and the next day say that somebody is a pussy, a moron etc etc.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Some ppl are butthurt I don't share the same mancrush they have for fedor lol. Get a grip and stop crying. Getting all personal because you disagree with me is funny, some of you are too emotionally invested into what someone else thinks about your favorite fighter. If you have nothing to dispute MY OPINION, then shut the fuck up and keep it moving. You dumbfucks are starting to look like BK now.

    Then you wonder why most ppl don't even come around here no more lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1inthechamber View Post
    i was a big fan but lets be real, he didn't even wanna fight brock lesnar. So save us the bs.
    gtfo! You seriously cannot say he was ducking lesnar.
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    Fedor, Rampage, Alistair, Barnett, Werdum, Igor, Maia, Manhoef, Machida.
    K-1: Alistair!!! Peter Aerts, Remy Bonjasky, Badr Hari

    Fedor could lose all of his remaining fights and will still be the GREATEST FIGHTER OF ALL TIME!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    I can't believe that in 2014 we still have to read things like that.
    It has been discussed hundreds of times and I will not lose time explaining again why the "Fedor was afraid of the UFC level" myth is a piece of crap.

    As for the Cain fight, Cain of today vs 2004/2005 Fedor would have been something just epic. And I think that Fedor would have won.
    Cain is a machine and has amazing wrestling, but IMO Fedor was overall a more complete fighter.

    In the striking, Fedor was faster and technically he was better.
    Stopped reading right there... there was nothing technical about Fedor's striking at all. Also, absolutely no fucking way Fedor was faster than Cain Velasquez at any point in his career. Cain is another type of human being. I think he would absolutely rag doll Fedor at any point in his career. There is no comparison to Cain in any of Fedor's past opponents.

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    Wow. That was a pretty misleading title for the article. But I guess it grabs attention.

    I think a prime Fedor would be a very interesting match for Cain. He had quick, heavy hands and JDS showed that if you catch Cain you can put him down. It would be even more interesting if it went to the ground.

    On the other note the only thing I never liked about Fedor was the way he seemed to blindly follow his functionally retarded management. He was a class act, a warrior, and a good ambassador for the sport.
    "He's got big balls. I like that." -Josh Koschek on Frank Trigg's balls.

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    All this Fedor talk, figured a highlight reel would be in order.
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    I hate making excuses, but JDS caught Cain because Cain was essentially fighting on one leg. I think the following 2 fights showed a lot more then the first fight did. I think if those two fought 7 more times, Cain walks away with 9 of 10 of them.

    As far as the Fedor/Cain fantasy, I think in North American MMA rules(elbows, no knees/kicks to a downed) and in a cage, Cain wins all day.

    If we're gonna be bummed about fights Fedor missed out on due to mis-management/whatever, Randy is the only name I can really think of from his era that held any interest for me.

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    I wouldn't say Fedor was faster, but he had far better transitions than Cain, a much better chin than Cain, and he has one the one strike KO power than Cain lacks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    If they fought today, Cain would dominate Fedor (I am not sure he would finish him though). But if we put Prime Fedor vs Prime Cain, I think Fedor wins via close decision.
    ...with the way Cain gets hurt, and the fact that he's fighting a higher ratio of incredibly big/talented fighters than Fedor did, I'll go out on a limb and say if they fought 5 years from now, Fedor wins 5 out of 10.

    I don't think Cain has a long shelf life. I hope he proves me wrong, but time will tell.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Donosaur View Post
    Fedor has a loooooooooong way to go before he fights Cain. He should be testing himself against Shaub, if that.
    If that wasn't sarcasm, that's the third stupidest post in the thread.
    To be fair, the other two were made by one person.

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