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Thread: Fedor: If I was in my prime, I'd want to fight Cain

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    Lesnar was so inconsistent in his short MMA career that it's really hard to know how the Brock/Fedor fight would've gone. If you break down Lesnar's performance/opponents/etc, you can see why:

    [1] Min-Soo Kim - Squash match; doesn't tell us much
    [2] Frank Mir - Brock went at Mir very recklessly and paid for it. However, some folks say that in his 2nd fight, he showed promise if he could control that recklessness.
    [3] Heath Herring - Here, Brock showed intelligence in his game planning. He was adamant to not get over-excited and rode Herring out.
    [4] Randy Couture - Although Couture was a formidable opponent, he was still nearly 65 lbs at a disadvantage come fight time and was coming off a 15-month layoff. Couture seemed to control Lesnar for most of the fight [surprisingly] in the clinch and it seemed that he was going to ride his way into a decision victory. However, he got caught behind the year with a punch and the rest is history. Although Brock won the fight, his performance generally was poor.
    [5] Frank Mir - This was Brock's best performance in his whole career. He intelligently controlled Mir, beat him and then TKO'ed him.
    [6] Shane Carwin - First round was brutal for Lesnar; Carwin then gassed out badly and then got choked out. In terms of performance, it wasn't good either but he definitely showed a lot of heart in this fight.
    [7] Cain Velasquez - He pretty much got beat up. Very bad performance.
    [8] Alistair Overeem - Looked even worse than the Cain fight. Very bad performance once again.

    Fights 6,7,8 where he had very poor performances was all post-diverticulitis, so people may [or may not] excuse that one. Fights 1-4 didn't tell us much about his potential even if he won and became the UFC champ. Fight 5 (Mir II) was a great one in performance and everything but it's hard to judge one fight on his own on how he would've done.

    I honestly have no clue how Lesnar would've looked against Fedor even if it was immediately after Mir II. Would he have caved after one two bombs from Fedor? Would he have controlled Fedor like the Mir fight at least for a round or two? Would he have been armbarred?

    We can all make speculations but if we were going with history, performance and consistency, then it's likely that Fedor would've beat Brock and pretty convincingly. He may have done well for a round in terms of takedown and some control but I can very likely see Fedor with his arm raised at the end in most scenarios.

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    ^^Fedor's handspeed, power and awkward angles on his punches would have been a nightmare for Lesnar. He didn't show any real ability in his career to keep his composure while getting hit and Fedor would have exposed that brutally for mine.

    Fedor's ability to land ferocious power shots while travelling backwards would have also given Lesnar fits. Lesnar's bumrush across the would have simply charged him onto Fedor's Russian hooks and got him TKO'd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremire View Post
    Fedor's striking got limited towards the end of his career, sloppy even. But through the majority of his career Fedor had a diverse striking arsenal and was technically proficient at applying it.
    He was very sloppy in Strikeforce. He looked good in his last few fights though after training with Hoost. He really tightened things up again

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    Quote Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    As far as the Fedor/Cain fantasy, I think in North American MMA rules(elbows, no knees/kicks to a downed) and in a cage, Cain wins all day.
    In a cage under unified rules, I think Cain would win 7/10 times. In a ring under Pride rules, I believe Fedor wins 9/10 times.

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    Fedor is and was sacred, not scared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
    In a cage under unified rules, I think Cain would win 7/10 times. In a ring under Pride rules, I believe Fedor wins 9/10 times.
    Very hard to predict the results of a prime Fedor vs a prime Cain. It would absolutely be a war. I think if Fedor kept some distance he'd land a knockout. Cain would likely take a decision by controlling the ground game.

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    Fedor vs Brock isn't worth mentioning. Only someone looking to goad people in to a flame war would suggest Brock stood a chance. Brock did nothing in his career to show me he could hang with the greatest MMA HW fighter I've personally ever had the pleasure of watching fight.

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    I have never understood why people would want to see Brock fight a guy like Fedor. Look Cain in as raw as he was during his fight with Brock showed us that anyone who has well rounded skills could beat him. Hell Carwin beat the hell out of Brock and I just do not think if Carwin could like Brock up like that he would have stood a chance against a person with the precision of Fedor. Then with the fact that Mir subbed Brock does anyone question Fedor's submission ability??? If Brock could not take down and control the fighter he loses.

    Now with all that being said, I believe Cain v Fedor would have been an MMA wet dream. If we had prime Fedor vs Cain of the past 2 to 3 fights that would have been a great fight to watch. Though Fedor has knockout power I do not believe Fedor would be knocking Cain out. I think in that fight we would see great transitions and two guys who would push each other into a brawl at points then switch to a grappling battle. I would love to see that.

    Those who do not appreciate life, do not deserve life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Return Of...... View Post
    This is pretty funny. Your post screams butt hurt yet you are accusing that of others. There is plenty out there to dispute your opinion. I get it. It your opinion and you are entitled to have one. There is a difference between an informed opinion rooted in facts to support your opinion and an uninformed opinion you pluck out of thin air because you do not know what you are talking about.

    I can't help it if you never watched Fedor and only believe the Dana White spin but to suggest Fedor was scared or ducking anything is just plain stupid.

    At there peaks Cain vs Fedor would be epic. It really could go either way. I would give the advantage to Cain because of his work rate but Fedor could end it with 1 shot.

    Post like yours above bring these forums down a level and I do not think I've ever read anything from you that is noteworthy or intelligent.

    Oh well Ron White was right you can't fix stupid so I don't even know why I bothered to reply
    So much to dispute my opinion yet you couldn't name one lol. Run along now child, I'm not gonna bother with a moron who actually started getting personal on these forums with BK.

    As for what someone else already pointed out, yes Fedor looked pretty bad in his whole Strikeforce run (Even Rogers did some damage to him before the ko). They chose not to sign and it was better for his image in a way. Imagine how he would have looked in the ufc given that he went 1-3 in StrikeForce.

    In his prime he was better but was he good enough to have won a ufc title? We don't know, so stop bitching and crying because I don't agree with you.

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