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Thread: Quinton Jackson starts new MMA promotion in quest to find next 'Rampage'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rise View Post
    Agreed Jackson does not come off as someone with a lot of business sense. Much less the type to build and grow a promotion and help fighters along the way.

    Pretty sure War MMA died off after the first card once they do the math on all the costs behind it probably didn't turn out profitable. Most don;t understand it takes years and a lot of financial sacrifice to build a profitable venture up.
    Though it would have been funny listening to him complain that his own promotion doesn't treat him well

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    Quote Originally Posted by helipoison View Post
    If I remember correctly the lady he side swiped had a history of multiple miscarriages in the past, and I think that would have become very relevant in the court case and probably had a large impact on the dismissal process. The fact it took her so long to miscarry after the accident would lead one to believe that it was more likely to be caused by her underlying medical issues than the accident.

    This is a tough one to debate. In the eyes of many criminal/civil courts (I am not directly familiar with California) you can be held directly liable for the death of a fetus if the prosecution/plaintiff can establish that Rampage's actions directly lead to the spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) of the fetus. Under these circumstances though, you cannot directly establish that since the woman had a history of miscarriages and the length of time it took for this to happen. Had she had a placental rupture I would agree with your opinion on this matter, but that is not what happened here.

    To give you a different perspective, you borrow your friend's car and know that they've been having problems with the left front wheel. You accidentally curb check the left front , own up to it, and your friend takes the car to a mechanic. Mechanic says no damage done, no harm no foul. 3 months later the wheel falls off the left front. Is it your fault since you curb checked the car ?
    All of this, valid arguments and correct on factual basis. Yeah Rampage acted like a jackass but no way did that accident cause her miscarriage, just doing some research on the story/situation can show you that.

    To each his own on how they view Rampage due to said circumstances. I'm still a fan of his as fighter and wish his career the best, he is nowhere near his former self tho and at this point seems pretty one dimensional, he's mixed it up a little tho. Looking forward to watching his next Bellator fight, but if its against the Champ or even Atila Vegh, they are just going to take him down. Atila may be more willing to stand and trade, but that remains to be seen. All of his opponents know he just wants to rely on his bread and butter so they will take him out of the comfort zone ala King Mo. However as much shit as King Mo talked and still talks you would think he dominated that fight and stood with him the entire time, not running around avoiding the striking and mainly wanting to wrestle. Which of course nobody blames him there
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    He fought at a high level with a willingness fight anyone at his peak. He certainly knows how to sell a fight and his self promotion opened doors outside of MMA. His inability to capitalize on those opportunities shouldn't diminish that reality.

    If he's willing to be honest with himself first I believe he could be a fantastic mentor. He has to be resolute with this endeavor. He underachieved in every aspect of his career due to a poor work ethic. Do as I say, not as I do just won't suffice. He'll have to demonstrate the perseverance he's always lacked. I don't know if he has the drive to guide someone's career or not but I believe he has invaluable life and career insight.

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    Still wish he never left Ibarra...I'm all for these guys (ex fighters and competing fighters) setting up amateur promotions. Does that mean they are good business men? Perhaps not but they would at least understand the issues that fighters have and that alone gives them an advantage on how to build a product to some degree. Hopefully he is successful but stays as amateur. Perhaps he will have tournament style events and the winners will be offered a chance to train under or with him or his own coaches.
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    I don't see Rampage having the patience to stabilize an MMA promotion. If he's involved in this for 2 years I'll be surprised.

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    If it involves him making appearances and promoting it then that much I think Rampage could do successfully. If he is the one running it then no, that would be a no sell for me.

    Think about it like this, Oscar set up Golden Boy with a business minded individual and it turned into the premier boxing promotion within a few years time. Oscar admittedly did not run Golden Boy Richard Shafer did, apologies if I misspelled or messed up his name, and in doing so Shafer made Oscar a hell of a lot of money. If Rampage can follow that, put his name on something and be there to promote and sell the product that another man packages and puts together it could work out.

    By no means is Rampage going to get to Golden Boy status though, he has not shown the ability to put himself and his ego on the backburner.

    Concerning the secondary topic, if Rampage was directly involved in the damage to the fetus or even at fault in the cause for the woman to have a miscarriage then he would have been sued. Just about most states do have a clause that allows people to sue if damage is done to an unborn fetus and California is one of them. So with that being said, no he is not a murderer...poor character and a jackass for putting people in harms way yes but murderer no.

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    Remember when bellator was the greatest thing since sliced bread for rampage? Oh how times have changed.


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