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Thread: UFC's Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza: 'I'm ready to annihilate'

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    Default UFC's Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza: 'I'm ready to annihilate'

    Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza faces Gegard Mousasi on Sep. 5 at UFC Fight Night 50 and the Brazilian middleweight isn't just looking to string together his seventh-straight win, in a recent translated interview, he also said that he's looking to earn a shot at gold. The former, multiple-time submission grappling world champion believes that he'll put a stamp on Mousasi and then be ready to become the UFC middleweight champion in a fight against the winner of December's Chris Weidman title defense against Vitor Belfort.
    "I'm ready to annihilate my opponent and have another victory in the UFC," Souza said.
    "I'm going to stop Mousasi. I've come to be undefeated in the UFC to lose to nobody. People have to keep believing in me because I'm going to be the champion of this division. But first I have to beat Mousasi to ask for something, and after this fight I'll ask for a title shot."
    Mousasi knocked Souza out in their first meeting, back in 2008, and has gotten back on track with a submission win over Mark Munoz in his last bout. Do you think Souza has improved enough to prove his first up-kick KO loss to Mousasi a fluke?

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    I'm actually a Mousasi fan but I was very scared when he fought Jacare the first time. I was relieved he walked out of there with a win the way he did because it was about to get pretty bad for him on the ground that night.

    Do you think Souza has improved enough to prove his first up-kick KO loss to Mousasi a fluke?
    I don't think any level of performance erases that loss or proves it a fluke. He got caught by a crafty fighter and KO'ed. I think the question should be, "has his standup improved to the point where he can utilize it against the more crafty fighters of the division?" and I'd say yes as long as his confidence matches his skills.
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