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Thread: NSAC files complaint against Wanderlei Silva for dodging drug test; seeks damages and

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    Go home Wandy, you're drunk.

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    I love Wanderlei but when he gets mad/excited/stressed, he just says "stuff."

    Think about the F- Chuck line. Sure that was the whole language barrier there but I think his mind gets going and the blurting of random thoughts come spewing forth.
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    Wandy might have one fight left in him by the time his suspension is up. Dan doesn't have many more. This could be a good swan song for both of em.

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    Wandy vs Hendo 3?

    No thanks, I had enough watching Wandy vs Leben.
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    NSAC weighs Wanderlei Silva motion before possibly moving forward with complaint
    lva’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, filed a motion to dismiss the complaint on the grounds that the NSAC had no jurisdiction over the fighter when it randomly drug tested him ahead of UFC 175. The commission must first rule on the motion before it can hear the findings against him.

    If the commission decides in favor of Silva, the complaint will be dropped. If the commission denies the motion, the state attorney general’s office will present the case against the fighter, who evaded a drug test and later admitted he took a banned diuretic to help him recover from a wrist injury.

    Goodman said Silva is in Brazil and won’t be present at the meeting, which takes place Sept. 23 in Las Vegas. On Wednesday, he filed another brief in support of the motion to dismiss, which can be viewed here (.pdf), claiming the commission can only discipline licensees for drug infractions.

    In its complaint against the fighter, the commission seeks to define Silva as an “unarmed combatant” because he participated in promotional activities for UFC 175 and knew he was scheduled to fight Sonnen. He faces potential fines and any other punishment the commission sees fit, which could include barring him from applying for a license in the state for a period of time.

    Silva vs. Sonnen, which was to serve as UFC 175’s co-headliner back in July, was scratched when news of Silva’s run-in with the NSAC became public. Sonnen was later removed when he failed two random drug tests and was found with five different banned substances in his system.
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    Borrrrrring. That's what I think of all this legal mumbo-jumbo. This shit is going to be tied up in courts until like 2016. Unless Silva just owns up and takes the punishment they give him, which would probably be like 6 months to a year retroactive to when the fight was scheduled anyways. It's just going to be court bullshit for months and months and maybe years anyways.

    At this rate Sonnen will be back fighting before Wanderlei is. Gonna call it now, Silva won't fight until Chael comes back, then they'll do that fight in like 2 years from now.

    As for Hendo/Silva, meh. It's a good fight, sure. It's also not very relevant. It'd be great for it to happen and they both retire afterward, but I don't really see that happening either. And as for it being in Brazil, ...... meh, never been a big fan of fighters dictating where the fight will take place, especially considering they have shit going on with an AC and seemingly would prefer not to fight there for reasons we can speculate on. Next up, Wanderlei announces he has his fight booked against Henderson and the UFC has no knowledge of it (it's just been signed in WandyWorld)
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