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Thread: sig/name/av bets for cormier/jones & belfort/weidman

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    I think what it comes down to is, if Jones was to lose, BK would be heartbroken and he is aware it would be a very tough following few months on the board for him, so why not pack up your ball and leave.
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Oh yea if Jones gets KOed by Cormier, BK is gone. He'll go hide in a dark corner and masterbate to Jones highlight videos on youtube while using his own tears as lube.

    And 1inthechamber will masterbate to the thought of BK crying.
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    lifetime bets are just a way to cause dissension and rifts among the core group that keep this place going.
    Things like lifetime bans for bets is counter intuitive to what this forum means to most of us here and if you guys wanna play russian roulette with your spots here fine but don't include the rest of us in it.

    I love this place and people in it. Many of the people here helped me through some pretty dark times and i don't want to see anyone of those fine people go.

    Welcome to Sunnyvale.
    No, wait..Fuck you!

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    I completely agree with Hawkeye. Every word.
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    Whatever floats your boat man...

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    Life time bets usually means you lose all your rep and sig name and have to start all over under a new name. A decent poster will be welcomed back may take some ribbing but welcome back. Some have been told about their posting/ trolling and gotten some what better, as they know there on a short lease for now.
    Go Spoon may the masturbation begin after the fight.

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    lmao people freak the fuck out over anything i do or say its pretty funny.

    I PERSONALLY think my bet should be between me and whoever decides to take the bet. Aside from that, i dont really care what anyone else opinion is on the topic. I have that much confidence in Jones that i will bet my account on a internet web page that means nothing just to make the fight that much more interesting for me. Everyone is so quick to hate on Jones and say this person will beat him, or he lost to this person, blah blah blah and refuse to back it up.

    3 month ban, yeah thats okay. I purpose a life time ban (to the person who originally offered a ban bet) and people are like "Hold on a second!! Fuck that shit thats so childish and FUCK JONES too!!!" I originally offered the sig and av he stepped it up and i one up it its that simple. No one is forcing anyone to take the bet, you guys want me gone theres your chance....Its just you all know deep down DC isnt going to be THE GUY who beats Jones' and just dont want to admit it.

    And no miz, i dont just follow Jones.


    Got a lot of soul searching to do. Sorry to everyone I've let down

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    I don't have any hate for BonesKnows. I actually like the fact that he's stuck with Jones through a lot of the shit that has happened with him. I've not liked the build up to this fight because both come off bad to me, but it's just one fan's opinion. Am I 100 percent sure that DC is gonna take the title from Bones? Fuck no. I'm not confident in any fighter because the last time I was, Dillashaw knocked his ass out in the fifth round.

    The bet intrigued me so much that when it was still on the table, I wanted to act on it. From a pure fight perspective, it's really a win/win for me. Jones winning makes the Gustafsson rematch that much more tantalizing. DC winning makes for a killer matchup with Gus.

    While I don't agree with BK defending Jones through everything he's said and done, I respect it. No hate or shit talk from me. I just wanted to meet his confidence with a cautious optimism that DC can take this fight from Jones with a bad knee.

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    Hey admins, why is the ignore option gone? Im pretty sick and tired of having to read dumb sh*t from dumb people.

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    I'm starting to think BK is maybe bi-polar. The way he changes from being chilled out, cool and a poster I can enjoy to being overbearing, illogical and immature on a nearly daily basis almost makes me think it is two different people.

    The first one would be a loss to the forums, the second is the reason CA would have so much support in a bet like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W.Silva>C.Norris View Post
    Hey admins, why is the ignore option gone? Im pretty sick and tired of having to read dumb sh*t from dumb people.
    Pretty easy actually, Click users name..
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Second you click View Profile..
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    Third add to ignore list..
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    Gotta resolve the Gayness

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