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Thread: sig/name/av bets for cormier/jones & belfort/weidman

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    No takers on a Jones DC name bet? Then I'll take DC. Or.does half the forum block my posts?
    "He's got big balls. I like that." -Josh Koschek on Frank Trigg's balls.

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    This thread is for bets not drama. I'm tasked with keeping up with these wagers and I don't want to sift through 78 pages of drama laced dribble to find the actual bets. Going forward anyone who starts junk on a bets page will have their betting privileges revoked for the event.
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    I prefer to watch my grandmother fucking.
    Whatever floats your boat man...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordCC View Post
    If offering a 2 week AV bet for the Dustin Poirier/ Conor McGregor fight. I have Dustin.
    Quote Originally Posted by dbader08 View Post
    ^I'll take you up on that LordCC, I'll take McGregor.

    I also think DC is gonna send BonesKnows packing for 3 months.
    I was wrong. McGregor is an A grade asshole personality wise but his performance was unbelievable. You owe me an AV DBader!

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