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Thread: Metamoris 4

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    It would be nice to see Ronda in this kind of competitions. She said that she would beat any BJJ black belt (lol), well, how about she proves that?

    As for Dana White, well he had no problem letting Josh Barnett compete here.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeodd2 View Post
    Metamoris has the potential to be a backdoor into cross promotional competition. That is if Dana would ever agree to let his fighters grapple against other fighers in different promotions. But if so imagine the possiblity! I don't think his fighters losing in Metamoris would have an impact on the brand, but the UFC has it's own logic. I can just imagine all of the dream grappling match ups! Top of my list would be a cross gender main event. Rhonda Rousey vs Aoki.
    Schaub and Barnett so far. And Sonnen (I think) agreed prior to retirement. So DW seems to be OK with it. There were even rumors about Vendor competing here.

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