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Thread: Georges St. Pierre: I will never fight again in UFC unless my opponent is independent

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    Default Georges St. Pierre: I will never fight again in UFC unless my opponent is independent

    Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is enjoying life outside of mixed martial arts (MMA), and despite a few teases here and there, is probably not going to re-join the combat sports promotion anytime soon.

    Unless it guarantees rigorous drug testing for each of his fights (and doesn't make him look stupid).

    Rigorous enough to detect even the most advanced performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), which have continued to find a home among many of today's UFC fighters, despite increased testing from both local athletic commissions and the organization itself.

    That's according to a conversation "Rush" had with Bloody Elbow.

    "I will never fight again in MMA without my opponent and myself being thoroughly tested for the most advanced PEDs by a credible independent anti-doping organization like VADA or USADA under the strictest standards of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) Code. A true martial artist must respect his opponent and fight clean."
    This is a popular complaint among clean fighters.

    In fact, longtime middleweight Brian Stann hung up the gloves for good, in fear of long-term brain damage, after finally accepting the fact that his division was chock full of PED users. Not coincidentally, the "All American" was defeated by UFC pill pals Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva.

    In a perfect world, every fighter would be subjected to that kind of testing before stepping foot inside the cage. The problem is trying to find someone to pick up the tab.

    Does that mean GSP is gone for good?

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    How much would such testing cost?
    You have to know what you don't know.

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    I hope he stays retired nothing to prove and at this point it's all downhill.

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    Well that's a wrap for Georgie

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    I wonder if UFC will guarantee him that type of testing to get him back for a fight with the welterweight champion. I'd imagine they'd assess the cost of the tests and event compared to the potential financial gain they'd receive.

    I think they'd certainly try for it if Hendricks were champion still.

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