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Thread: Is Robbie Lawler a legend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post
    Lawler's KO of Manhoef was legendary.
    You know, as I was trying to answer this question, that fight is immediately what came to mind. Whether or not people think he is a legend, I think we can agree that some of his fights have been damn legendary.

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    Too uninspired far too often to be in the "legendary" commentary yet, especially during the Strikeforce run. You lose outright to Lorenz Larkin like that, yikes. Give him a few more years with a few more respectable wins over names.

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    I like Robbie more than most, but to call him a legend is an insult to actual legends. Let him go on a title run before you even consider the term.

    No offense, but it's laughable to call him a legend at this point.
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