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Thread: How Many Events Should UFC Run Yearly?

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    Default How Many Events Should UFC Run Yearly?

    Forgive me if the question had been asked already.

    With various comments on many sites, I noticed most people seem to agree that UFC is putting on too many events. So what's the right amount of events for them to put on? How many free events should they put on FOX and FX? How many should be on pay per view? Also, multiple sites list the amount to be over 500, which seems staggering. How many fighters should be on their roster?

    For me, I'd say 12 PPVs and 12 free cards (4 FOX and 8 FX) would be great. And I would say 300+ fighters would be nice to have on the roster.

    Then again, I've never run a multi-million dollar organization. So I don't know anything.

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    I completely agree, although I would throw 4 or so "Fight Pass" cards in there instead of FX fights, simply for their current business model. Two cards a month seems like a good amount of cards. Having 3 or 4 in a month, for certain months, is a bit much. It'd help them build fighters to be main eventers a lot better than what they are currently doing. I honestly see them doing this eventually any ways. They simply can't continue what they are doing now.

    I realize this a horrible comparison to those who never watched Pro Wrestling, or only did so briefly (I personally haven't watched more than a handful of times in the past 10 years)... but this reminds me of the "Monday Night Wars". Eventually there will be a very strong #2 company, that starts edging ahead of the the UFC, or at least equal. Hell, it might even destroy the industry if it does. But at the very least it will hold the UFC accountable for their actions and business model.

    Someone needs to be held accountable for all the diluted cards. A "strong" main event is not good enough to drive ticket sales, and it seems clear that everyone but the UFC recognizes that. Seriously, they didn't learn from UFC 151? and then didn't learn again with the cancellation of UFC 175, 23 months +1 day to the event?!

    It would suck for anyone to lose their job, but for the good of the business, it's time to cut the fat. It would also siphon off who the best of the best was, rather than who was simply just entertaining, or who in the UFC management simply "liked". Time for more promotions to step up to the plate and help make fighters more money, that way the pay is on spot, as well as the competition, to push the UFC.

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    I'd say they should run a card every 2 weeks. One being a free card the other being a PPV. If they want to run more then that they need to limit the remaining cards to lower level talent and upcoming prospects don't use fighters that should be on PPV cards.

    Big thing they n4eed to do with this is stack cards in a manner that accommodates injuries. Cards with title matches on them should feature fights that feature top contenders in that division as well. Same really for any main event they should schedule fights that would have viable replacements on the same card as well.

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    3 a month, 1 PPV, 1 Fight Pass, and 1 free. I would also come out with some sort of fight pass/ppv subscription hybrid, say $40-$50 a month (with a 6 month or year commitment) gets you the PPV and Fight Pass. Make #1 contender fights matter by having them as the main ever on the non PPV cards.
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    I think they should do no more than 27 events per year, that includes PPVs and free cards.

    Maybe 15 PPVs and 12 free cards.
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    I'd like to see them move to 8 pay per views along with 4 big Fox shows per year. That'd give us 1 big fight card a month and would help to save some star power for these shows as they really need to make these "can't miss" special events again. There really is no excuse to feature anyone on the main cards of these shows outside of the top 15, maybe even top 10.

    I know this is against conventional thought but I'd love to see them establish a weekly fight night series that would serve to feature up and coming fighters. To help free up talent for the weekly shows, they could reduce prelims for all shows and cap all cards at 8 fights. Oh, and cancel TUF.

    In a perfect world, that's what I'd like to see.

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    Every 2nd weekend on Fox other then that I don't give a shit anymore.

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