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Thread: UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Wants Bethe Correia, Bethe Correia wants Rousey

  1. Default UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Wants Bethe Correia, Bethe Correia wants Rousey

    UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Wants a Chance to Beat Bethe Correia

    Bethe Correia has defeated two of the “4 Horsewomen,” and now she wants a chance at their leader, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

    In response, the 135-pound queen told on Saturday that she would like to fulfill Correia’s wish, but she better keep winning if she wants a shot at world’s No. 1 women’s fighter.

    “I just hope she doesn’t lose before I get a chance to beat her myself,” Rousey wrote to via text message.


    Bethe Correia wants the fight. Ronda Rousey wants the fight. Not so fast, says UFC President Dana White.

    Following Correia’s second-round stoppage of Shayna Baszler at UFC 177, a potential showdown with the promotion’s reigning bantamweight queen was the topic du jour. The Brazilian has been targeting Rousey for a while now, building momentum with triumphs over the Olympic judoka’s “Four Horsewomen” stablemates Jessamyn Duke and Baszler in her last two outings.

    Shortly after she overwhelmed Baszler with rapid-fire punching combinations against the fence on Saturday night, the woman known as “Pitbull” set her sights on Rousey once again.

    “My message to Ronda: If there’s someone who will retire without any losses in the UFC, it’s going to be me. I’m going to retire with the belt, not her,” Correia said.
    Correia’s comments did not go unnoticed.

    “You know Ronda, as soon as [Correia] started talking, Ronda texted me and said, ‘I want that fight. I want it now. I want it before somebody else beats her,’” White said. “’I said, ‘Calm down lady. You’ve got other people to fight.’ We’ll figure it out.”
    According to White, Correia at the very least remains behind Cat Zingano, who faces Amanda Nunes at UFC 178, among women’s bantamweight title contenders. And there is still the possibility that the Las Vegas-based promotion signs Gina Carano for a marquee showdown with Rousey later this year.

    “There’s a long list for Rousey waiting right now,” White said. “We’ll see what happens. She’s [Correia] on the list.”
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    Dana White Needs to Figure Out Ronda Rousey’s Long List of Potential Opponents

    Following her win on Saturday, Bethe Correia is angling to get a shot at UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey sooner rather than later. But according to UFC president Dana White, she’s going to have to wait a bit.

    Correia beat one of Rousey’s teammates in Shayna Baszler at UFC 177. After the bout, she called out the women’s champ. Rousey responded, telling that she hopes “she doesn’t lose before I get a chance to beat her.”

    White’s response? Get in line.

    “There’s a long list for Rousey waiting right now,” White said. “[Correia’s] on the list.”
    Included on the short list are names like Gina Carano and Cat Zingano. Carano has been away from MMA for the past five years, but has been in discussions with White and the UFC about making a comeback. If she’s to return, she will likely get an immediate title shot and face Rousey on a pay-per-view card in late 2014 or early 2o15.

    As for Zingano, the fighter was scheduled to face Rousey at the end of 2013. An injury derailed those plans, forcing Zingano into extended rehabilitation. Additionally, she dealt with the death of her husband.

    Zingano is now scheduled to make her return to the Octagon on Sept. 27 at UFC 178 in Las Vegas. If she wins that fight and a deal with Carano isn’t done, White said Zingano will be next in line for a shot at Rousey.
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    this is a tricky thing... I know Ronda can hold a grudge and she wont forget about it but I feel the public will lose the momentum if they both fight other people.. BUT

    as everyone loves to bring up Diaz/GSP she is not ready for a title fight due to beating 2 non highly ranked fighters... I mean I would love to see Ronda beat the crap out of her because I feel shes more upset with Bethe then she may have been with Tate.. so lets get Bethe 2 good fights and enjoy what Rousey does to her if she can get there

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    Rousey is way beyond all the other female fighters. They only one that can beat her is Cyborg and we all know they are ducking her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    Dana White Needs to Figure Out Ronda Rousey’s Long List of Potential Opponents
    Yes, Please Dana, please tell us these "long list of potential opponents" for Rousey?

    Carano? Not signed, and the most undeserving contender on the list

    Zingano? Long layoff, and is set to fight Nunes, which by that logic means she isn't a contender, just another fighter fighting for a contender spot. Plus, she can possibly lose to Nunes.

    Correia? 3-0 in the UFC. Defeated 2 of Rousey's stablemates. An ensuing feud in the works. Hmmm. Seems like a contender IMO.

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    Good Ol' sport integrity ruining Dana White! Guaranteeing title fights to long retired fighters (who ended on a loss), and being super but picky about the rankings and what not when it comes to people who may actually deserve a shot. Classic Dana!
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    I don't think Correia has anything for Rousey.

    She had Shayna dazed and immobile as she punched her in the head for a minute and a half but couldn't actually put her down. Without being worried about a powerful counter, there's nothing to keep Rousey from going full steam ahead.

    To paraphrase good ol' JR, Rousey stomps a mudhole in her ass and walks it dry.

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    I agree, Beth has nothing for Rousey. Shayna clinched her and took her down easy. Just imagine how fast Rousey sinks that armbar in.

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    Beth did well against Bazler on the feet, but her ground game was lacking and thats where RR would eat her up. This wouldjust be another first rd armbar imo
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