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I'm bored at work so decided to work out the loss ratio for my top ten list above, its comes out alot different than I expected. Just goes to show that top tens tend to be more who our favorite fighter are (at least with me anyway) here is the order of loss ratio for my top ten:

1.Schilt 8.3% loss ratio
2.Cro-Cop 11.1% loss ratio
3.Ignashov 12.2% loss ratio
4.Hoost 16.1% loss ratio
5.LeBanner 19.4% loss ratio
6.Hug 19.6% loss ratio
7.Sefo 19.7% loss ratio
8.Aerts 21.8% loss ratio
9.Bernardo 23.7% loss ratio
10.Hunt 28% loss ration

Was amazed that Hoost comes lower than Ignashov.
Thanks, for that, it was interesting, haha yeah i base my top 10 on favourites aswell, i rarely rank according to actual achievement, which would place Hoost at no. 1 everytime and im a bigger fan of some other fighters.
Its interesting to see the loss ratio, it shows how under-rated Ignashov can be, hes one of the most consistent and definately one of the most talented, he just never took advantage of that talent, he reminds me of BJ Penn in some ways.
I can see how Schilt has such a small loss ratio as this generation of k1 fighters isnt as densely populated with top class fighters, it depends basically on old fighters from the 90's for competition for Schilt, the reason why Peter Aerts is ranked number 2.
It also explains why Guys like Hoost, Hug, Sefo,LeBanner etc have a higher loss ratio as there generation was far more competitive,
I'll post my top ten when i get some time.