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Thread: Acelino Freitas Vs. Juan Diaz

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    Default Acelino Freitas Vs. Juan Diaz

    Should be a good fight. I pick Diaz by UD but Freitas does have power and is relentless. Unfortunately he fought a very hungry Diego Corrales 3 years ago and that took him back a step mentally and I think physically.


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    I'd like to see Diaz win the fight, I like the way he fights and he's a humble, respectfual kind of guy (and a college student). After this, hopefully the Baby Bull gets to fight either Joel Casamayor or Julio Diaz, respectively the Ring Lightweight Champion and the IBF Lightweight Champion.

    Lightweight is a pretty good division right now with some good fights for the near future. Erik Morales is moving up to face WBC titlist David Diaz (3 of the recognized champions are all named Diaz...go figure) and Joan Guzman is moving up to face WBO Interim titlist Michael Katsidis (though why they gave him an interim belt is beyond me, the regular WBO champ is Freitas and he's been healthy and active and set to unify with Juan Diaz' WBA title).

    Not only that, but the contenders are real solid, with Nate Campbell and Kid Diamond, among others.

    Israel Vazquez....Super Bantamweight Champ....Super Heavyweight Heart

    This man is my hero.

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    Default Juan Diaz vs. Paquiao

    This will be a great fight!!!

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