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Thread: Fedor Emelianenko VS Antonio Silva

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    Question Fedor Emelianenko VS Antonio Silva

    Fedor by ko in 3rd round i know he doesn't usually end it with a ko but i feel it if it happens

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    You really couldn't think of anybody better than a untested fighter?

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    god damn trolls!!!

    linch them all!!!

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    Default Fight Fight

    I though for a while that someday Antonio Silva would put up a good match with Fedor not now but in due years. I just hope that the UFC throws a SHW division for fighters like him and Hunt, Lesner because there excellent stirkers. If not K-1 is going to be picking most of them up.
    If he can’t get the fight to the ground he is screwed, he'll get beat like a dog without an owner. Now the guy says he wants to kick my ass.

    -Wanderlei Silva on Filho

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