Frank Mir Says Talent Level High On This Season's TUF Is High

From an interview with

Gary Ibarra: This season I’m sure there are several fighters who you saw that have the potential to make a a career in MMA. But was there any one fighter that you can talk about who you saw that you thought immediately “That guy is going to make it”?

Frank Mir: That’s what I would say is the difference between this season’s cast and the previous casts: the talent level; there is a lot of depth here this season. So much so that I’ve even pulled training partners to help me prepare for my fight with Noguiera. The number of guys that you’ll see on undercards and prelims in the UFC is a definitely high with this group. I would go as far as to say its actually easier for me to pick out the guys who won’t make it just because there were so few of them, I would definitely put this season’s 16 guys against any of the other 16 from previous seasons.


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