Frank Trigg Calls Jose Canseco A Rat, Advised To Stay Away

Friday May 22, 2009

Following the news that MMA fighter Frank Trigg was contacted by Jose Canseco to help him train for his upcoming MMA debut at DREAM 9 on May 26th, Trigg mentioned in an interview on Sports Rage with Gabriel Morency on Hardcore Sports Radio (Sirius channel 98) that Canseco has no passion for Mixed Martial Arts and is only in it for the money. Trigg also stated that it would hurt his credibility if he helped Canseco.

Trigg, who is also the host of MMAJunkie Radio, brought up many reasons why Canseco was detrimental to the game of baseball.

Here are some notes from the interview:

– Trigg says that he thought about helping Jose Canseco train after they contacted him, but was advised not to do it

– Trigg says that Canseco doesn't love MMA, he just wants to get paid

– Trigg says that at the end of the day, Canseco is a rat

– Trigg says that Canseco hurt baseball

– Trigg says he respects Dana White because they are cut from the same cloth