Frank Trigg Makes Strong Comments About Jon Jones, Talks UFC Hall Of Fame Induction

Former UFC title contender Frank Trigg recently had some strong comments to make about the Jon Jones situation.

“Twinkle Toes” Trigg spoke with Submission Radio and offered the following comments about Jones.

“People have to stop making excuses for this guy and feeling sorry for this guy. I feel sorry for his Mom and Dad. I feel sorry for his brothers, I feel sorry for his Girlfriend and for their kids. I feel sorry for the team, the team around him. You know the guys at Jackson’s that have to deal with this whole fallout. Don’t feel sorry for Jon Jones. He’s a grown ass man. He’s a man that’s an adult, that pays his own bills and has his own pay cheque, can drive his own car, can make his own decisions. He’s making dumb decisions. So when you make bad decisions you have to pay for them.”

Trigg also spoke about being honored in the UFC Hall Of Fame, as the promotion announced that his second title fight against Matt Hughes will be inducted into the “Fight Wing” of the UFC Hall Of Fame later this year.

Regarding the announcement of the fight being inducted, Trigg offered the following statement:

“It hasn’t really set in yet. It’s still kind of surreal. You know, I didn’t know about it until about 4 o’clock on Tuesday night, and then about 5:15 or thereabouts they announced it on Wednesday night. Karen Bryant announced it on UFC Tonight and it still hasn’t set in much.”

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