Full Fighter Pay Info For UFC 79 “Nemesis” Revealed

The following are the complete reported pay outs to fighters who participated on the UFC 79 “Nemesis” fight card on December 29th:

-Georges St. Pierre ($160,000) def. Matt Hughes ($100,000)
-Chuck Liddell ($500,000) def. Wanderlei Silva ($150,000)
-Eddie Sanchez ($46,000) def. Sao Palelei ($5,000)
-“Lyoto” Ryoto Machida ($60,000) def. Sokoudjou ($40,000)
-Rich Clementi ($28,000) def. Melvin Guillard ($10,000)
-James Irvin ($16,000) def. Luis Cane ($5,000)
-Manny Gamburyan ($20,000) def. Nate Mohr ($6,000)
-Dean Lister ($22,000) def. Jordan Radev ($5,000)
-Roan Carneiro ($10,000) def. Tony DeSouza ($7,000)
-Mark Bocek ($6,000) def. Doug Evans ($3,000)

Total disclosed fighter pay out: $1,199,000

The KO, submission and fight of the night bonuses were as follows:

The fight of the night, which is no surprise – went to Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva. Both fighters received an additional $50,000 to their contracted purses (Liddell received $500,000, Silva a cool $150,000).

Submission of the night honors were given to Georges St. Pierre for his armbar victory over Matt Hughes in their interim Welterweight title rubber match. The armbar victory gave him an additional $50,000, which adds to his $160,000 official fight purse.

Due to lack of options, knockout of the night went to Eddie Sanchez, for his stoppage of the newcomer Sao Palelei. Sanchez received $50,000 on top of his contracted salary of $46,000.


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