Gary Goodridge Wants A Fight With Kimbo Slice

“Big Daddy” Gary Goodridge on was Fight Network Radio recently and had some things to say about Kimbo Slice

“`Kimbo Slice’ is a 2008 version of `Mr. T,'” Goodridge told Fight Network Radio. “Was `Mr. T’ tough back then? No. Could he beat anybody back then? No, but he had the words, he had the lyrics, and he had the gold.”

“Don’t come out telling people that you’re `Street Certified,’ that you can walk on the streets and punch out anybody, any man … you’re not afraid of nobody,” Goodridge said. “Man, I know people that will put him down and spank his ass.”

“I would fight `Kimbo’ for free,” he said. “Make the fight up, and I will fight him for free just to show people that I could kick his ass. He can’t beat nobody. He don’t want to fight any of this.”

Big thanks to the guys over at for this little tidbit.


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