Gegard Mousasi Wants King Mo On New Year's Eve

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

In a calculated attempt to expedite a rematch with “King Mo” Lawal, Gegard Mousasi called in during a recent Dream 15 conference call to talk up his desire to meet Lawal again, possibly on New Years Eve.

“I don't have a specific opponent that I want to fight. I don't know who is going to participate in the tournament but I would love to fight King Mo again. I hope on New Year's Eve I will get my shot at him.”

Sounds to me like he knows exactly who he wants to fight next. How could he want anybody next but Lawal?

He also talked about why he lost, and what he thinks he did wrong.

“I think it wasn't my takedown defense. I was, in my life, somewhere else maybe. I fought his fight. I didn't sprawl, I wasn't sharp, maybe my condition should have been better. So, there are a lot of things that I could say that went wrong but basically it comes to: he fought his fight and he won. I didn't fight my fight. It wasn't that my wrestling wasn't good enough or my sprawl wasn't good enough, I think I just fought stupid.”

To me it looked more like Mousasi just got controlled, while Lawal dictated the pace of the fight, never really getting any offense going. He went on to point out the “differences” between the cage and a ring, for those of us that were unaware I guess.

“Yes there is,” he responded. “The cage is bigger so you have more space. For a wrestler, I think it is much better to fight in the ring than in the cage. The cage has more advantage for the stand up fighter. Maybe I should have trained the cage to stand up but those are new things that I have to learn and I think that I didn't train that good enough. But there is definitely a big difference.”

You know the loss to Lawal has been sticking in the mind of Mousasi. How couldn't it? He talked the most trash before the fight but failed to pull off his game plan he talked about going into the fight. Let's look at some of his pre-fight words.

“He is so confident because of his unbeaten record. I would like to see his reaction when I hit him, and how he will continue to fight after that. I have a lot of confidence in my jaw and my Ground-and-Pound abilities, because I know that the fight will probably go to the ground.”

Sure, there are those fans that think the fight was boring, and that Lawal just laid on Mousasi, but they are getting that confused with having full control of a weaker opponent and winning with better body positioning. I don't see a rematch ending any different, other than the fact that Mousasi might sustain more damage.

Seems that Lawal has long forgot about Mousasi after clinching the title, as he has been pushing for a fight with Fedor again recently.