Georges St-Pierre Fires Back At Dana White For Claiming He’s No Longer “Hungry”

Georges St-Pierre responded to Dana White’s recent claims that he is no longer “hungry” during a media interview this week.

GSP, the former longtime undisputed king of the UFC’s 170-pound division spoke out against White and the UFC during his appearance on “The MMA Hour” at on Monday.

On whether or not he will be returning to the Octagon, St-Pierre offered the following comments.

“I don’t even know, myself,” St. Pierre said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “It depends on a lot of things. I haven’t made my decision. I haven’t made my decision yet because I don’t know. I’m not the kind of guy to say I’m going to retire and then come back, I don’t like to do that. I just don’t know.”

As far as White’s claims that GSP is no longer hungry enough to regain his title, the former UFC star doesn’t see things that way.

“There are different ways of being hungry,” he said. “I still can be hungry, you can be more hungry than people who have nothing. I have so much to lose, because of my pride, the pride is my most important strength, I’m a very proud person, and I would never go back and make a fool of myself be humiliated, because I’m a very proud guy. I have so much to lose, that’s what’s going to makes me hungry, and be willing to do better than anyone, there’s different ways to be hungry.”

“Part of me is thinking, I have a lot more to lose than win, and another part of myself says, we only live once,” said GSP, who hasn’t fought since his UFC 167 split decision over Johny Hendricks. “I don’t want to be at 80 years old, and tell myself “I should have done that and I didn’t.’ Most of things in life that I regret, are the things I haven’t done, not the things I did, the things I haven’t done.”