German MMA 2007 Grand Prix Tournament Results


Tsunami Fighting Championships sent along the following:

German SHIDO MMA Grand Prix 2007

Date: Saturday, May 19th 2007
Place: Villingen-Schwenningen
Venue: SHI KON Fight Club
1. Fight Men -70 kg (Preliminary): David Adam (Nrtingen) vs. Panajotis Makis (Nrtingen). Winner David Adam after 2:44 minutes Rd 1 by Ezekiel-Choke
2. Fight Men -70 kg (Preliminary): Raoul Ghrum (Nrtingen) vs. Altan Seven (Nrtingen). Winner Raoul Ghrum after 2:11 Minutes Rd 1 by Armbar
3. Fight Men -70 kg (Quarterfinals): Walter Schmick (Nrtingen) vs. David Jakubiec (Stuttgart). Winner David Jakubiec after 1:15 Minutes Rd 1 by Guillotine-Choke
4. Fight Men -70 kg (Quarterfinals): Philipp Krebs (Nrtingen) vs. Stefan Hoss (Nrtingen). Winner Stefan Hoss after 2:48 Minutes Rd 1 by Mata Leao
5. Fight Men -70 kg (Quarterfinals): David Adam (Nrtingen) vs. Andrej Ruder (Backnang). Winner David Adam after 4:54 Minutes Rd 1 by Armbar. (David Adam got injured during this fight and could not continue. He was replaced by Andrej Ruder in the tournament)
6. Fight Men -70 kg (Quarterfinals): Raoul Ghrum (Nrtingen) vs. Uwe Wiedmann (Backnang). Winner Raoul Ghrum after 0:25 Minutes Rd 1 by Heelhook
7. Fight Men -120 kg (Final): Jochen Schwenk (Nrtingen) vs. Christoph Kuolt (Mainz). Winner Christoph Kuolt after 0:07 Minutes Rd 1 by TKO
8. Fight Men -77 kg (Semifinal): Andy Baz (Nrtingen) vs. Tom Ullmann (Nrtingen). Winner Andy Baz after 4:17 Minutes Rd 1 by Guillotine-Choke
9. Fight Men -77 kg (Semifinal): Daniel Schb (Nrtingen) vs. Mike Mulineaux (Mainz). Winner Mike Mulineaux after 1:34 Minutes Rd 1 by Anaconda-Choke
10. Fight Men -84 kg (Semifinal): Kostas Korovillas (Nrtingen) vs. Patrick Herring (Mainz). Winner Patrick Herring after 2:21 Minutes Rd 1 by Anaconda-Choke
11. Fight Men -70 kg (Semifinal): David Jakubiec (Stuttgart) vs. Andrej Ruder (Backnang). Winner Andrej Ruder after 2 rounds by 3:0 decision
12. Fight Men -70 kg (Semifinal): Stefan Hoss (Nrtingen) vs. Raoul Ghrum (Nrtingen). Winner Raoul Ghrum after 3:51 Minutes Rd 2 by Mata Leao
13. Fight Men -77 kg (Final): Mike Mulineaux (Mainz) vs. Andy Baz (Nrtingen). Winner Mike Mulineaux after 1:21 Minutes Rd 1 by Armbar
14. Fight Men -84 kg (Final): Igor Montes Kircher (Stuttgart) vs. Patrick Herring (Mainz). Winner Patrick Herring after 2:45 Minutes Rd 1 by Anaconda-Choke
15. Fight Men -70 kg (Final): Andrej Ruder (Backnang) vs. Raoul Ghrum (Nrtingen). Winner Andrej Ruder after 3:07 Minutes Rd 2 by TKO


Men -70 kg
Gold: Andrej Ruder – Kampfsportschule Allerborn Backnang
Silver: Raoul Ghrum – Kamikaze Dojo Nrtingen
Bronze: David Jakubiec – German Oak Team Stuttgart
Men-77 kg
Gold: Mike Mulineaux – Suum Cuique Mainz
Silver: Andy Baz – Kamikaze Dojo Nrtingen
Bronze: Daniel Schb – Kamikaze Dojo Nrtingen

Men -84 kg
Gold: Patrick Herring – Suum Cuique Mainz
Silver: Igor Montes Kircher – German Oak Team Stuttgart
Bronze: Kostas Korovillas – Kamikaze Dojo Nrtingen

Men -120 kg
Gold: Christoph Kuolt – Suum Cuique Mainz
Silver: Jochen Schwenk – Kamikaze Dojo Nrtingen



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