Gil Melendez: Right Opportunity Would Bring Nick Diaz Back

Nick Diaz trainer partner Gilbert Melendez fights at UFC 166 this weekend against Diego Sanchez but during an interview this week with, Melendez discussed Diaz and what it may take to get the former top ranked fighter back in the ring or cage:

“I think with the right opportunity, for the right thing, he’ll come out,” said Melendez. “Whether it’s boxing, whether it’s kickboxing, whether it’s whatever, some sort of challenge would be great.”

“I don’t think he has the desire to be a stepping stone or he doesn’t want to play that role. Sometimes you have to come back up the ladder in your career and I don’t think he wants that. I think he wants to fight top-level competition. He doesn’t need to fight just to take it.”

“Nick is forever ready. He’s always in shape, he’s always sparring, he’s always grappling. He does triathlons, he’s in better shape than most guys who are relevant now in the game.”

  • Kevin Mcclelland

    He lost two in a row and failed a drug test cut him.

  • River Cardinal

    Nick stay retired.

  • Alejandro Zepeda


  • Steven Cholo Flores

    What a douchebag. Michael Chumley Jerome Johnson

  • Marcel Angulo

    Fuk no, , it’s medical ..asshole …NICK DIAZ IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST…Would love rematch with Karo parysian ….#1 American Indian California Red Man

  • Kevin Mcclelland

    His ufc record is nothing special. 7 wins 6 loss

  • IZZI

    I so agree, Nick is a badass regardless. GSP is my fav and Nick is 2nd in that division. (Wife’s fav is Nick). Would love that rematch too.