Gomi Has Offer From The UFC, Interested In Penn Rematch

From an interview with MMAMania.com

Derek Bolender (MMAmania.com): Now that the (Brett) Cooper fight was called off can we expect your next fight be in Japan or in the United States?

Takanori Gomi: My next fight will be in the U.S. Now we have several offers from some promoters, including, of course, Affliction. We are considering all those offers right now. I am willing to have a fight in the U.S. as soon as possible. I want to show the U.S. fans my fighting spirit.

Derek Bolender (MMAmania.com): Has the UFC ever been in contact with you about potentially joining its organization going forward? If so, how did those discussions go?

Takanori Gomi (MMAmania.com): We do have their offer and we are in the middle of discussion.

Derek Bolender (MMAmania.com): What is the motivation for you wanting to come to the United States and fight at this stage in your career?

Takanori Gomi: My motivation is to innovate myself.