GSP Says Media Can’t Create Rift Between Him And Rory MacDonald

With Georges St. Pierre reigning high above the rest in the UFC’s welterweight division, it’s plausible that teammate and training partner Rory MacDonald could find himself in a spot where he is the number one contender to the title.

MacDonald has said that he has no interest in fighting St Pierre while UFC President Dana White thinks everyone is crazy to think MacDonald wouldn’t.

GSP touched on the matter this week during a UFC tour stop in Las Vegas and gave his thoughts on a potential bout:

“Rory and I are friends, I don’t know what to say. I’m friends with Rory you know? We text, we call each other, we’re friends.”

“This is that hypothetical world, the reporters you guys want a story to make a conflict happening between me and Rory,” parried St-Pierre. “It’s not going to happen. Rory and I are tight, we’re friends. There’s many ways of doing this.

“Maybe I might go up, maybe he might go up, there’s many other options. I have plans for my career. I cannot tell you everything, guys. There are other things. I don’t want to fight Rory.”

  • Phillip Trepczynski

    God look at the butt buddies

  • Truman Tedoff

    you both suuuuuuck!

  • Richard Monico
  • Jeff Kehr

    That “fight” would lull everyone into a coma.

  • Mark Turowski

    Can’t break love ufc

  • Dwayne Hamm

    That would be a terrible main event.

  • Justin Lasut

    There doesn’t need to be a “rift”. If MacDonald is ranked #1, and GSP is the champ, pure professionalism should be the reason they fight. Unless MacDonald really doesn’t want to win the belt at all, that is…

  • Wes Welch

    Why would Rory be in a weight class, where he would stop short of a title???
    He should grow up or gain weight.