GSP Talks About A Potential Return To Fighting


Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre recently spoke with Ron Kruck of Inside MMA and commented on a possible return to UFC .

Back in December, GSP officially announced that would be taking time off from fighting and vacated his UFC Welterweight championship. On March 27th, he revealed on Twitter that he tore his left ACL while training, and injury that would require surgery and further delay an eventual return to the Octagon.

Shedding some more light on his decision to take a hiatus, saying that he lost his motivation and fighting was no longer fun for him.

“I needed this, you know. To be happy, I needed it. After my first comeback and I fought Condit I had a lot of fun, it was a great training camp. After that, not that good and the last one not good at all, you know. I lost the motivation. I lost the fun of it. And I think for me, I needed to step out of it, I need to find the fire back. The feeling that I want is the need to compete again.

If you have a bad day (in MMA) you can get hurt really bad. I truly believe if I find the fun of doing it again, and I find the fire back, I believe I’m the best in the world and if I ever come back, it’s going to be to show it. But right now, I’m enjoying my time.”

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