Holohan on Mayweather vs. McGregor: “Boxing is Full of Bullies”

The former UFC flyweight and teammate of Conor McGregor recently opened up on the differences between the worlds of boxing and MMA

Holohan, who retired from Mixed Martial Arts and now runs an offshoot of the SBG Ireland brand in Dublin, recently discussed the bout with Independent.ie.

“The Hoologan” retired from combat in 2016 due to the diagnosis of a considerably rare blood deficiency known as “Factor XIII”. Prior to the Dublin-native leaving the UFC, he amassed a record of 3-2.

Unsurprisingly, the 29-year-old former SBG Ireland fighter is backing McGregor to pull off a shocking win. “The Notorious” undoubtedly faces a mammoth task in defeating the unbeaten Mayweather, who is a man widely regarded as the greatest defensive boxer who has ever lived.

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