Interview Excerpts With UFC Welterweight Karo Parisyan

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Karo “The Heat” Parisyan was the guest on the most recent edition of PWB's Official Podcast Hotline with Lex and Ian, located at In a candid interview, Parisyan addressed several topics:

On rumors that he “ducked” a fight with Jon Fitch:

“That is bullcrap, that is like, absurd, I have never been offered to fight Jon Fitch in my life. Joe Silva has never called me and said `Karo, would you fight Jon Fitch?’ Jon Fitch is starting to get on my nerves with his camp. I’d like to say right now is, who in the hell is Jon Fitch? All of a sudden he’s beaten Diego Sanchez that I lost to and that makes him mister tough guy, like he can challenge me and if I don’t take the challenge that means I’m afraid? These guys were in there mom’s stomach when Karo Parisyan was fighting in MMA…I’d like to clear this up with everybody, there is no way in my life I’ve ever ducked or dodged any opponent…”

On his fight with Thiago Alves at UFC Fight Night 13:

“I think that it’s a pretty good match against him because it’s a classic match up of a grappler against a striker and I’ve always had a lot of success with strikers. Thiago is more of a…he knows how to grapple, he’s got decent takedown defense but I think his big game is Muay Thai and a lot of leg kicks so just cut the distance and take him down, and ground and pound him and catch a submission on him.”

His thoughts on a possible welterweight title shot:

“I definitely deserve a title shot, it’s a chance that I might get it but at the same time I think I deserve it because, I mean, I got injured two years ago when I was supposed to fight Matt Hughes and I tore my hamstring. I came back, and I had to work my way up again, I couldn’t just come back and fight for the title like a lot of these guys are doing, like Matt Serra and Georges St. Pierre and all these guys. So I think I deserve a title shot if everything goes well, you know?”

For the full interview, including Parisyan’s thoughts on his improving standup game, making an impact in the UFC, the UFC 83 main event and a potential UFC ranking system, check out, or search “pwb podcast” on ITunes and subscribe today.


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