Could The UFC Be Sold By The End Of 2016?

The UFC has skyrocketed in popularity this past year for numerous reasons. In 2015, the UFC had five pay-per-view events that had more than 800,000 buys which is the most in company history. UFC fighters Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey have also been instrumental in helping the UFC gain traction. Arguably, it was the best year for the Zuffa-based company.

Now a report is suggesting that the UFC could be looking to sell by the end of 2016. According to Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Snowden, the UFC could be selling to a China-based company at a valuation of $6 billion. Either way, the report suggests the UFC is for sale.

Take this report for a grain of salt but it is interesting to note, since the UFC is seeing a peak in popularity. The UFC has a strong social media presence with more than 19 million Facebook likes. The 19 million likes is 13 million more than the MLB, and 6 million more than the NFL. McGregor and Rousey have also tapped into a mainstream audience that no other fighters have been able to do.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been emphasizing in reach a global audience and has done so with the introduction of UFC Fight Pass in late-2013. Many of its cards in other nations have been featured on the streaming-based site.

Stay tuned to for developments on this story.


  1. If the UFC sells to a Chinese interest, you’ll see it plummet in popularity very quickly. Bellator will blow up fast.

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  3. Fertittas are smart. Why not profit 5/6 billion. Get out before the lawsuits etc. and demands of fighters unions etc.

  4. These dudes are already rich…if they don’t want to run the UFC anymore…give it to me ….I love the sport and will take good care of it.

  5. You may be right. A couple of points.

    1. Hard to blame the Fertittas for selling. What was it….two million bucks they paid for a joke back then and now valued at 5-6 Billion? Talk about return on investment !!!

    2. Growing numbers of people are getting fed up with the Chinese purchasing things here. I know that I am. I attend 3-5 UFC events per year and have ever since the UFC has been in it’s modern era. If the Chinese are allowed to purchase then I’m off to Bellator with my money. If they buy Bellator too, then I’ll just retire to the gym and teach MMA and let the kids do whatever they want to with it.

    However, if the Chinese want to do business I’ll entertain that for sure. I need to have a wall built from southwestern California all the way to the Gulf of Mexico requiring 1989 miles of reinforced concrete, complete with a dozen or so checkpoints and observation platforms along the way. I would have to require that you employ local labor though. I have a city thats 45% full of Democrats who demand cradle to grave sugar daddys and government jobs and I’ll gladly cut you a good deal if you promise to use them for construction labor and also remove them from here upon completion of the wall !


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