Jacare On Mayhem: He Is Two Faced

From Fiveouncesofpain.com

Jacare made his feelings on Mayhem following the bout quite clear in a recent interview with the Brazilian website Tatame.com.

“At the time of the fight he cried, apologized to his coach, then came toward my corner saying I was an idiot, and also apologized,” explained Souza. “He is proving that he isn’t a person of only one face, he is a two-faced. After the fight gave `No Contest’ he cried, apologized to the coaches, and that everyone saw, but I don’t know if everyone saw him getting in my corner calling me an idiot and apologizing too.”

While the bad blood on Jacare’s end will unlikely settle before he has his chance to get Miller in the ring one more time, the Jiu-Jitsu specialist will now be forced on the sidelines while the abrasion on his head is given proper time to heal.

“I trained three months to this clown come and do what he did, now I won’t fight in July, not for a while,” said Jacare. “I’ll take a rest and wait.”