Jaime Varner Not Happy With The Way WEC Markets Fighters

From Bloodyelbow.com by way of ProMMA.info:

“…That’s one thing I don’t like about the WEC, they put all their marquee dollars into Urijah Faber, so when Urijah lost his world title to Mike Brown, it’s like who is Mike Brown? And then I’m fighting the main event for this fight coming up, and you would have no idea that I’m the main event in Sacramento, cause all we’re doing is pumping up Urijah Faber. And the fight in San Diego, all they’re doing is pumping up Urijah Faber.”
“I love Urijah, and I’m grateful I get to be piggy-backed with a guy I look up to. I look up to Urijah Faber. I think he’s a great success story in the sport and he’s one of the most positive guys I’ve ever met. He’s really changed my life, just talking to him and being his friend for the past two years, he’s really changed me. But as far as business goes, I don’t think it was good business for the WEC, they need to spread the wealth, they need to build up the lightweight division. They need to build up the guys like Jose Aldo and Mike Brown. They need to build up everybody like Brian Bowles, Miguel Torres, and Joey Benavidez, all those guys in the 145 pound division – Scott Jorgensen. But instead, all they’re doing is focusing on Urijah and I don’t agree with that.”

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