James Toney Signs Multi-Fight Deal With The UFC

Fiveouncesofpain.com had it rumored as you can see by the video on the main page and now, MMAFighting.com has confirmed it with Dana White that former Boxing Champion James "Lights Out" Toney has signed with the UFC.<BR><BR>Negoiations between White and Toney were able to be seen following UFC 108 when the two met behind closed doors to try and make something happen(Though, there was a video camera). At the time it appeared talks fell through as there was no news that Toney would fight inside the confines of the UFC Octagon.<BR><BR>Toney had been loudly trying to talk his way into the cage, calling White out on numerous occasions but the president didn't seem to bite until now.<BR><BR>When asked when Toney would possibly debut White stated "no idea".<BR><BR>Toney will be the first of a long list of potential boxers that wished to throw down in the cage but never got the chance, whether it was cold feet or maybe because the UFC just didn't want to have them step into their domain.<BR><BR>Expect more on this developing story.