Jardine On His UFC 71 Fight, Liddell/Rampage & More

Austin Lee sent along the following interview excerpt from their discussion with Keith Jardine at BuddyTV.com:

You know there were rumors that in UFC 71, you’d be fighting against Chuck Liddell. Did you want to fight him?

Oh absolutely. Not to be cocky, but it’s just that that’s what I’m in the sport for and I’d love to test my talents against his and he’s a legend and I hope to be able to fight him one day just cause of who he is.

What about fighting his opponent, Quinton Jackson?

I’m not sure about Quinton. I think he held a lot of back in his last fight so I don't think we saw the real Quinton there and its going to be real interesting to see which Quinton shows up for his fight against Chuck.

What can fans expect to see from you come May 26 when you step into the Octagon with Alexander?

You know just…with me you know I’m gonna get a bonafide. I’m gonna push the pace. It might turn out to be a three round war. Where both guys got to go to the emergency room and I’m all down for that. I hope he’s game to bring that to the table cause that’s what I look for in a fight, that’s what I want, that’s why I do so just…just…my fans are just gonna see more of what I really am.

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