Jason Reinhardt Speaks On Pulling Out Of UFC 63

To all the people who support my MMA career i want to thank you, and I would also like to sincerely tell all of you that your the reason i will come back stronger than ever from my recent neck injury which forced me out of my very long awaited UFC debut, for this Saturday, Sept, 23rd, 2006, in California, against Roger Huerta.

I had one neck surgery 4 years ago, and I PROVED the doctors wrong back then, kept fighting, and winning after recovering from neck surgery, and i'm planning on repeating the whole process all over again. It just happens to be 4 years later, for my UFC debut. Life is crazy sometimes. Perhaps things happen for a reason…who really knows. But i'm going to defeat this thing!

I plan on getting my neck stronger than ever as soon as i'm released to start the strenthening proccess. It's a little set-back. That's how i'm looking at this whole thing. If you don't stay positive, your already defeated People are always asking what happened, so just to let you know, I ended up buldging two discs in my neck c/5c/6, which resulted in arm weakness/ pain, and numbness in hand and elbow, and neck would not turn to left so good. (Same spot i had the surgery 4 years ago)

I respect my Doctors and Nuerologists, and I listen to their opinions and take their advice, and their advice was to pull me from fighting. To pull me from my UFC debut., after trying days of physical therapy first. It was a very difficult time for me. I had been training and dreaming to fight in the UFC for over 10 years. I was in the best shape of my life, training so hard, doing all the right stuff. Thanks to Spencer Fisher (MFS) who is an unbelivable motivator and trainer! He had me dialed in, in a lot of different areas.

Spencer sacrificed a lot for me, and so did his wife Emily, and i am going to re-pay them by making it back to the UFC and finishing what i started and set out to do. That's not only to fight in the UFC, but to win. My jiujitsu instructor Marcose Barros from Gracie Barra has helped me so much prepare for my UFC debut. Quitting is not in my blood, the thought of hanging it up is very lonely. As fighters, this is a very, very hard sport to walk away from. Especially when it's your passion, and when MMA is in your life every single day. We all have to come to terms with it one-day, but it ain't my time. I was so close to my shot. It was all right there for me.

As soon as I get healthy I just pray to God and have faith the UFC will give me another opportunity. To be honest, the UFC is the only show that motivates me to fight for. Especially now! When i get heathly, I will be ready like i was to show the world my heart, my desire, and my will to win! And it's very important to me to always go for the finish in the fight. I think the fans deserve this.

PS. There's so many great fighters out there, that deserve their UFC shot, who have paid their dues. I hope you all get to fullfill your dreams.

Jason Reinhardt

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