Jim Lampley Once Again Proves Ignorance In Regards To UFC

The following is a note from MMANews.com forum member goldie1692:

Jim Lampley is filling in for Jim Rome today on his show and he just BASHED the UFC…

He said the UFC is just bar fighters who have no real athletic talent. They just gouge and bite. The do flying kicks and stomp on people's chest.

He then went on to say that any UFC or K-1 fighter would get killed by a boxer in under two minutes cause they are just bar fighters with no athletic merit.

  • Jim Lampley once again shows how little he knows about the sport, and how silly he sounds trying to describe his thoughts on MMA in general. He's got the rules wrong, everything he mentioned is illegal in the UFC and I think everyone knows by now that if a MMA fighter fought an elite-level boxer under boxing rules, the boxer would win. He's old, he'll figure it out eventually. Poor bastard.


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